• Nouvag HighSurg 11

If for your task the shaver function is mostly required, as in the field of ENT Surgery, than the HighSurg 11 is the right choice. The clearly reduced function range, compared to the HighSurg 30, simplifies the handling without forfeiting the new developed, sophisticated features of the control system.

Focusing on the field of ENT Surgery not only reduces the cost for the new HighSurg 11 compared to its bigger brother the HighSurg 30, but also allowed to optimize the handling of the control unit for the field of ENT Surgery. That’s how a modern, clearly structured Shaver and Micro Debrider System was created, perfectly suitable for its spectrum of tasks. Together with the newly developed ENT Handpieces and the new generation of Shaver Blades a well-matched unit is the result. Feel the difference in any range of speed due to its quiet, smooth run and the absence of vibrations.

The shaver blades listed on the following pages are available in multiple diameters and as concave and convex versions. The integrated cooling system of the shaver blades sufficiently supply the cutting area and at the same time reduces friction heat between outer sleeve and cutting tube. The clamping ring mechanism of the coupling system of the Handpieces enable the Shaver Blades to engage in steps of 60°, which allow the employment of the unit of Motor, Handpiece and Shaver Blade for all thinkable working situations. By using concave and convex Shaver Blades and setting them up in different angels the issue of dead spots is widely solved. Besides the Shaver function the HighSurg 11 features also a program for 1:1 Handpieces, good for accompanying work stages, so no further device is needed.

- Voltage: cariable: 100 V-/ 115 V-/ 230 V-, 50-60 Hz
- Fuse, power supply: 2 fuses, T 3.15 A, L, 250 VAC
- Power consumption: 120 VA
- Applied part: Type B*
- Protection class: Class I
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 260 x 250 x 110 mm
- Net weight control unit: 3,3 kg

- Motor-coupling: Intra coupling ISO 3964
- Motor speed: 300 - 50'000 rpm.
- Max. Motor torque: 6 Ncm
- Motor weight: 0,280 kg
- Motor cable length 3 m

- IP-Code (pedal): IPX8

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Nouvag HighSurg 11

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