• MTONE Vascular Lesion Treatment Laser Diode

MTONE Pigmented lesion treatment laser hair removal skin rejuvenation vascular lesion treatment.

APC technology is an advanced IPL pulse control system for the automatic selection of the best treatment configuration. This feature considers each of the conditions to be treated and adjusts the right pulse sequence along with the energy needed for a safe and effective treatment. With APC, operators can acquire more rapidly and safely the experience to perform excellent and fully satisfactory treatments to their patients.

The State-of-Art APC technology with different pulse and wavelength configurations, combined with the powerful contact skin cooling and sapphire waveguide, is able to perform comfortable and effective treatments in all skin conditions.

The handpieces have different optical filters for the delivery of the best range of wavelengths for each treatment, the skin cooling is able to keep a very low temperature even during the “In Moving” procedures and allows treatments without the use of gel, so that, the operator has always the ideal treatment conditions.
MTOne with IPL handpieces has three different configurations for the energy emission to perfectly fit the needs of all difficult treatment conditions such as thin hairs or dark skins. All pulse configurations has a special smooth shape for the delivery of “flat top” waves with no spikes for safer treatments also on dark skins.

Laser Sources:
- Er :YAG Fractional/Ablative 2940 nm
- Diode 808 nm

IPL (APC) Indications:
- Permanent Hair Reduction
- Photo-Rejuvenation
- Acne Vulgaris
- Pigmented Lesions
- Vascular Lesions

Lasers Indications:
- Photo-Rejuvenation
- Fractional Skin Resurfacing
- Permanent Hair Reduction

- Application                                     Handpiece         Fluence (J/cm² )     Pulse Width (ms)      Spot Size (cm² )
- Hair removal                                  HR630                 5-25                        15-100                        6,4
- In Moving hair removal                in moving 635   5-9                           6                                  6,4
- Face skin resurfacing                    SR580                 5-25                        10-25                           6,4
- Vascular and pigmented lesions LP530                 5-25                        10-25                           6,4
- Acne                                                 AC420                5-15                         15-100                        6,4

- Application                     Handpiece               Fluence                Pulse Width (ms)       Spot Size Ø mm
- Skin resurfacing
  ablative - non ablative  Er:YAG 2940            up to 95 J/cm²     from 0,4 to 1,5           2, 4, 9 ablative
                                           fractional/ablative  on Ø2mm spot                                        9 fractional
- Diode hair removal        Diode 808               up to 90 J/cm²     from 1 to 200            1.68 cm²
- Electrical requirements : 110-240V; 50/60 Hz; 1250 VA
- Dimensions and weight : 580 (W) x 450 (D) x 1000 (H) mm³; 45 Kg
- Interface : 10,1” Colour Touch screen

Package Included:
- Er:YAG 2940
- DIODE 808

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MTONE Vascular Lesion Treatment Laser Diode

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