Diaton tonometer is the only one device for intraocular pressure measuring through the upper eyelid. It completely meets modern diagnostic equipment requirements. Currently, transpalpebral scleral tonometry has no alternative and is the most optimum method when carrying out prophylactic medical examination of the population and in complicated clinical cases when the use of classical tonometry methods is impossible. Innovative approach to IOP measurement opens up wide clinical possibilities and unquestionable advantages to the doctor and to the patient.

For the doctor:
- Accurate tonometry result
- Wide clinical possibilities
- Image of modern doctor and health center
- Quickness and efficiency (no disposables, IOP measurement takes several seconds),
- Spectrum service spreading

For the patient:
- Safety
- Quickness
- Comfort
- Painless
- No necessity to take off contact lenses

- No contact with the Cornea.
- At par with the Goldman Tonometer.
- No risk of Infection, No Anaesthesia and No Sterilization.
- Measurements can be done in Sitting or Reclining position.
- Can be used where Cornea Pathology or Cornea Characteristics have been altered.
- Post Lasik/ PRK measurements possible.
- Digital Display

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Diaton Applanation Tonometer Handheld

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