• Biotronik Pacemaker Automatic Epyra 8 DR-T/SR-T

The Epyra 8 pacemaker series offers BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring, ProMRI, CLS and event-triggered IEGMs. It is the world’s first pacemaker that sends event-triggered IEGM transmissions within 24 hours, granting increased knowledge and confidence about your patient from afar. Epyra 8 with ProMRI gives your patient safe access to full-body scans, offering peace of mind. In addition, Epyra 8 is the only pacemaker series with Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS), automatic rate adaption that improves patients' quality of life.

- ProMRI allows patients to undergo MRIs under certain conditions
- BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring enables wireless patient monitoring, including event-triggered IEGMs, for the early detection of clinical and device-related events
- Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS) is a unique physiological rate response modulation during episodes of physical and emotional stress
- SafeSync RF telemetry is wandless and saves time when transmitting data reliably at implantation and follow-up
- Vp Suppression follows a natural rhythm and promotes the underlying intrinsic rhythm with on-demand ventricular pacing
- Capture Control improves patient safety and extends device longevity by automatically adjusting pacing amplitudes
- The Heart Failure Monitor enables the early detection of changes in patients’ heart failure condition by continuously monitoring clinical parameters

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Biotronik Pacemaker Automatic Epyra 8 DR-T/SR-T

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