Electrosurgical Unit Diathermy Machine Surgery Electrocautery 300W Bipolar Pen

- The wide scope permanent power, the surgery locates precisely
- The return route pole plate monitor system, guarantees the patient safety
- 300W high efficiency output also continuously adjustable, can meet each kind of surgeon’s surgery needs. (General surgery, thoracic surgery)
- Seven kinds of working model, the surgery is quickly easy. (pure cutting, blend 1, blend 2, coagulation, spay, bipolar cut, bipolar coagulation)
- When turn on the Generator, it can check the system by itself
- When the neutral electrode detect that the impendence is between 20Ω and 140Ω, the alarm will be activated and the ESU will be shut down
- There are three kinds of sound to show the 4 different working modes as the following: Error Warning, Cutting & Coagulation, Bipolar
- Many kinds of appendix disposition, best performance-to-price ratio
- Classification: Class I, type BF
- Quality Management: ISO13485
- Line Voltage: 220V/110V 50/60Hz
- Power consumption: 600VA(max.)

- Ordinary surgery, cardiology, urology, gynaecology, thoracic surgery, oncology

Package includes:
- Electrosurgical Unit Main Unit 1
- Pencil 2
- Disposable negative plate 5
- Negative plate cable 1
- Bioplar forceps 1
- Bioplar forceps cable 1
- Foot switch 1
- Power cable 1
- Fuse 1

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Denshine Electrosurgical Diathermy 300W Bipolar Pen

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