• Noraxon Telemyo MyoTrace 400

The MyoTrace 400 is the latest in portable, handheld measurement technology. It operates with two channels in stand alone mode and 4 channels in PC-mode. A wide variety of compatible “plug-in” Noraxon sensors can be used with the MyoTrace 400. In addition to SEMG, force transducers, goniometers, inclinometers, accelerometers, hand dynamometers, and foot switches can be used to objectively evaluate the functional status of the musculoskeletal system.

The MyoTrace system is designed for the busy clinician interested in accurate and quick measurements. The user-friendly, menu driven operation is ideal for clinicians in orthopedic, neurological or clinical sports training and in ergonomic settings. While it is completely self contained, the MyoTrace 400 may be optionally connected to a PC and used for more advanced analysis with our MyoResearch XP software.

The Bluetooth data transmission on the MyoTrace allows free motion up to 20 Meters and presents data in real time on the PC monitor. The signal quality meets current recommendations of research societies and is compatible for sophisticated SEMG processing like Onset, Averaged profiles and Frequency analysis. Unfiltered raw or real time processed data can be synchronized with DV video (50/60 Hz).

Stand Alone Features
- 2 channels of SEMG
- Works with force / motion sensors
- Quick set-up – “Plug and Play”
- Audio and visual feedback
- Continuous, work/rest, template training/motor copy programs
- Session summary report
- Research quality

PC-Mode Features
- Up to 4 channels of SEMG or mo-tion/force sensors
- Bluetooth or USB cable transmission
- Choice of protocols
- Audio and video tutorials
- DV Video synchronization (50/60 Hz)
- Comprehensive reports, programmable sessions
- Fully operational with all Noraxon Soft-ware Editions

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Noraxon Telemyo MyoTrace 400

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