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HeartSciences MyoVista high sensitivity ECG (hsECG) Cardiac Testing Device is a breakthrough in the early detection of cardiac dysfunction*. It is designed to fill a diagnostic gap identifying both asymptomatic and symptomatic patients at elevated cardiac risk of an adverse event. MyoVista hsECG device address a major clinical, technical and economic need in testing of cardiac dysfunction with an easy to adopt, easy to interpret, low cost and non-invasive solution that does not require any change in traditional 12-lead resting ECG clinical workflow.

MyoVista hsECG device produces a sensitivity of 78% and a specificity of 71% for the detection of diastolic dysfunction. During a recent clinical trial MyoVista technology produced a sensitivity of 88% and a specificity of 87%* using machine learning analysis and indicates even greater future capability for the detection of diastolic dysfunction.

MyoVista Energy Waveform
MyoVista Energy Waveform displays the relative energy of the myocardium during each phase of the cardiac cycle and tracks with the traditional ECG trace line segment for easy identification of segments. Current ECG technology is limited in terms of sensitivity in detecting structural and or ischemic heart disease. Proprietary Wavelet Signal Processing further assists healthcare providers in detecting cardiac dysfunction related to coronary artery disease CAD, LV hypertrophy, aortic and valvular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and cardiomyopathy. Proprietary informatics also further enable physicians to better assess and early identify at-risk patients.

MyoVista Ventricular Indices:
- VIEM (RV): 183.3
- VIEM (LV): 246.2
- VILM (RV): 171.3
- VILM (LV): 234.0
- VIAM (RV): 6.5
- VIAM (LV): 8.8

MyoVista Clinical Value
- Assists in early testing and detection of heart disease
- 78% Sensitivity • 71% Specificity* for cardiac dysfunction
- Accurate, reproducible, non-invasive

MyoVista Technical Value
- Easy to perform and interpret
- Follows standard 12-lead ECG protocol- No change in clinical workflow
- Traditional ECG trace with Glasgow Interpretive Analysis
- Comprehensive reporting including Informatics and traditional 12-lead resting ECG information

MyoVista Economic Value
- Low cost test – Comparable per test cost to traditional ECG
- 20/30/60 Second tests with immediate results
- May reduce need for expensive advanced cardiac diagnostics

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HeartSciences MyoVista High Sensitivity ECG

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