• CooperSurgical Endosee Diagnostic Hysteroscopy

A game-changing device that lets OB/GYNs directly visualize the uterine cavity at the point-of-care, to get a diagnosis quicker. The all-in-one, handheld, portable, cordless system allows you to complete a diagnostic hysteroscopy in an average of 3 minutes. The Endosee procedure is well-tolerated by patients, similar to an EMB - anesthesia is usually not needed. Includes: Handset, Docking station, AC Adapter and USB Cable.

Introducing Endosee - a truly innovative way to perform diagnostic office hysteroscopy in any room, at any site:
- All-in-one, handheld, portable, cordless system
- Simple and quick to set up, needs only minimal staff training
- Lightweight reusable handset
- Single-use, flexible, thin (<5mm) sterile cannula
- New camera and light source every time so there’s no degradation in visualization
- Bright, 3.5-inch touch-screen color LCD
- Still image and video capture
- Channel for fluid infusion
- Dock for battery charge and data transfer
- Rechargeable battery lasts more than 2 hours
- Procedure is coded and reimbursed using current hysteroscopy codes

Package Includes:
- ES8000 Endosee Hysteroscope (Handset, docking station, AC Adapter and USB Cable)
- ESDX5 One (1) box of 5 Disposables Cannulas
- ESSYR / 039-9664 One (1) box of 60ml Syringes ( Box of 25)
- ESTUB / MX451FL One (1) box of Extension Tubes ( Box of 50)

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CooperSurgical Endosee Diagnostic Hysteroscopy

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